Joining The Classics Club 2018 – 2022

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Hi and welcome back to my blog! I’m really excited about today’s post because I’m announcing my list for The Classics Club!

A brief summary of what it is: “The Classics Club is a club created to inspire people to read and blog about classic books. There’s no time limit to join and you’re most welcome, as long as you’re willing to sign up to read and write on your blog about 50+ classic books in at most five years.”

Check out the blog linked above to find out more details, and have a look at the Members’ Page where you can find a list of all the other bloggers participating as well!

Number of Classics: 60

Dates: 1 January 2018 – 31 December 2022 (5 years)

I’ve actually got more than a hundred classics I want to read over the course of my lifetime, but I’ve narrowed them down to the top 60 I want to read in the next five years! And yes, I’ve included the entire Shakespeare’s First Folio consisting of 36 plays, because he’s my number one author and playwright that I want to get completely immersed in.

My list consists of 3 rereads, and it also includes the 6 books that will be read for The Brontë Book Club by Lucythereader on YouTube!

The list will probably shuffle around and change a little over time, but for now this is it!

  1. Jane Austen – Pride and Prejudice
  2. Jane Austen – Sense and Sensibility
  3. Jane Austen – Northanger Abbey
  4. Charlotte Brontë – Jane Eyre
  5. Emily Brontë – Wuthering Heights
  6. Anne Brontë – Agnes Grey
  7. Emily Brontë – The Complete Poems of Emily Brontë
  8. Charlotte Brontë – Shirley
  9. Anne Brontë – The Tenant of Wildfell Hall
  10. Charles Dickens – Great Expectations
  11. Fyodor Dostoyevsky – Crime and Punishment
  12. Alexandre Dumas – The Count of Monte Cristo
  13. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe – Faust
  14. Ernest Hemingway – The Sun Also Rises
  15. Victor Hugo – Les Misérables
  16. Gaston Leroux – The Phantom of the Opera (reread)
  17. Niccolò Machiavelli – The Prince
  18. George Orwell – Animal Farm
  19. Edgar Allan Poe – Tales of Edgar Allan Poe
  20. J.D. Salinger – The Catcher in the Rye
  21. William Shakespeare – The Tempest
  22. William Shakespeare – The Two Gentlemen of Verona
  23. William Shakespeare – The Merry Wives of Windsor
  24. William Shakespeare – Measure for Measure
  25. William Shakespeare – The Comedy of Errors
  26. William Shakespeare – Much Ado About Nothing
  27. William Shakespeare – Love’s Labour’s Lost
  28. William Shakespeare – A Midsummer Night’s Dream
  29. William Shakespeare – The Merchant of Venice
  30. William Shakespeare – As You Like It
  31. William Shakespeare – The Taming of the Shrew
  32. William Shakespeare – All’s Well That Ends Well
  33. William Shakespeare – Twelfth Night
  34. William Shakespeare – The Winter’s Tale
  35. William Shakespeare – King John
  36. William Shakespeare – Richard II
  37. William Shakespeare – Henry IV, Part 1
  38. William Shakespeare – Henry IV, Part 2
  39. William Shakespeare – Henry V
  40. William Shakespeare – Henry VI, Part 1
  41. William Shakespeare – Henry VI, Part 2
  42. William Shakespeare – Henry VI, Part 3
  43. William Shakespeare – Richard III
  44. William Shakespeare – Henry VIII
  45. William Shakespeare – Troilus and Cressida
  46. William Shakespeare – Coriolanus
  47. William Shakespeare – Titus Andronicus
  48. William Shakespeare – Romeo and Juliet
  49. William Shakespeare – Timon of Athens
  50. William Shakespeare – Julius Caesar
  51. William Shakespeare – Macbeth
  52. William Shakespeare – Hamlet (reread)
  53. William Shakespeare – King Lear
  54. William Shakespeare – Othello
  55. William Shakespeare – Antony and Cleopatra
  56. William Shakespeare – Cymbeline
  57. Mary Shelley – Frankenstein
  58. Bram Stoker – Dracula (reread)
  59. Leo Tolstoy – Anna Karenina
  60. Oscar Wilde – The Picture of Dorian Gray

Anyone else doing The Classics Club, or having any classics reading goals for 2018? If you’ve read any of these on my list and liked it, do let me know too! (:


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