Book Review – Pimp in the Pulpit by Thomas McRae


Title Pimp in the Pulpit

Author Thomas McRae

Genre Short story fiction

My Rating ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

“Not everyone who says they love you genuinely loves you because their actions speak volumes.”

Synopsis A 35-page story inspired by the author’s family trials and tribulations, and told mostly from the perspective of young Edward Jones. His grandmother Lillian McBride – better known as Lucifer – is having her 95th birthday party and her extended family gets wrapped up in the preparations as well as their conflict with each other.

Themes and Writing Pimp in the Pulpit deals with the daily lives of a dysfunctional family, and revolves around various family events and gatherings. A trigger warning on rather heavy use of coarse language, and there were many characters to keep track off which was sometimes mildly confusing. Nonetheless, I found myself being engaged rather quickly, and McRae’s writing is concise while affording moments of humour.

Overall Impression I found Pimp in the Pulpit to be a brutally honest story highlighting the repulsive behaviours of members in a dysfunctional family, and is definitely a tale that many families out there can relate to.

While it was rather difficult to turn each page without feeling appalled and disgusted at the horrid manners of the characters, the final chapter brought a smile to my face as I read about how Edward Jones refused to let the negativity of his extended family get to him, and instead chose to focus on his book and the people who truly loved him. The story concluded on a decisively happier note, and I closed the cover wishing young Edward Jones all the very best.

“But today is a new day, and he is ready for anything and everything because he walks with a much more positive attitude and an even stronger confidence than before.”

Review by Amanda

I would also like to thank the author, Thomas McRae, for a copy of the book!


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