Movie Review – The Greatest Showman (2017)


Hi and welcome back to my blog! Today I will be reviewing a movie that I’ve recently watched, and is the latest addition to my list of favourite movies.

The Greatest Showman

Title The Greatest Showman

Director Michael Gracey

Genre Musical

Main Cast Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron, Michelle Williams, Rebecca Ferguson, Zendaya

My Rating 9/10 stars

Synopsis A Victorian-era rags-to-riches tale presenting the birth of show business and inspired by the story of P. T. Barnum and the Barnum & Bailey Circus.

Plot, Pace and Overall Dynamics At a running time of 105 minutes, the pace was comfortable and afforded various comedic moments. No doubt that The Greatest Showman is a musical after all – and heavy focus would be placed by audience and critics alike on its soundtrack, but I’ll have to reiterate it: the soundtrack was spectacular, and played a large role in bringing the film’s wonder and magic to life.

Cast and Characters A truly astounding performance by Hugh Jackman. The actor, widely known for his role as the infamous Wolverine, offered audiences a glimpse of his other side in a more sophisticated role as a loving father (P. T. Barnum) wanting only to provide his family with the life he promised them. His ambitious drive quickly leads to mistakes and troubles for his family and business, inevitably straining relations between him and his wife Charity (Michelle Williams) and their two daughters Caroline and Helen (Austyn Johnson and Cameron Seely).

There is also a blossoming romance between Phillip Carlyle (Zac Efron) and Anne Wheeler (Zendaya), who struggle with their feelings for each other in the face of societal prejudices. All in all, the cast did an amazing job in creating Barnum’s troupe of quirky, bizarre individuals.

Overall Impression Clearly, I enjoyed it very much. While it may not have painted the most accurate picture of the true story of P. T. Barnum, I feel that The Greatest Showman has accomplished what a musical aims to do – that is, to entertain and to inspire, and it achieved all that while never failing to remind the audience of its core message.


“You don’t need the whole world to love you. Just a few good people.”


I would recommend this movie to anyone who loves a musical drama set in the past, complete with elegant horse-drawn carriages and dazzling period costumes amidst the mix of grit and grandeur in 19th century New York. Perfect for the family – the enchanting soundtrack will have the kids singing along – and a great inspiration of a movie to end off the old year or begin the new one.


“No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else.”


In a nutshell A simple and delightful Victorian-era story with a talented cast, breathtaking choreography and an honest message about family, success, love and being yourself. Leave the mundane side of reality behind and cast away all lingering burdens of everyday life – even if momentarily – and immerse yourself in a world bursting with passion, enthusiasm and heartfelt performances. Don’t be surprised if you finish off feeling like you’ve taken away some unexpected sincere life lessons…..I definitely did. (:

Review by Amanda

Thank you for reading!



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