Book Review – Assassin Marked by Michael C. Sahd

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Title Assassin Marked

Author Michael C. Sahd

Genre Sci-fi / Fantasy short story

My Rating   ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆


As for the assassin, they couldn’t find him. I smiled as he slipped down the dark hall into the kitchen and down the garbage chute. The curtains closed, but the tragedy continued.


Synopsis Damian, a professional assassin working for the syndicate, sets out on vengeful mission against a former teammate who had betrayed him years ago. Determined to stop him, the Heads of the Syndicate send Damian’s lover, Victoria, after him on a search-and-kill operation. A story of Damian – seeking revenge above all else, and Victoria – conflicted between her love for him and her duty to the Syndicate.

Overall Impression A concise 23-paged read that left me wishing there was more. Loved it!

Themes and Writing Set in outer space, Assassin Marked gave me a rather Star Wars sort of vibe, in a very pleasant way. The writing really had me engaged, although some of the action scenes felt a little abrupt, and could have flowed better to provide more clarity for the reader during those scenes. Nonetheless, I thoroughly enjoyed reading the scene of Damian’s revenge.

Characters have a great deal of potential. Sahd was able to, in a very short range of pages, garner my interest in the characters and sympathy for the main duo’s strained relationship. Damian appears to be a rather witty and capable character, and I really wished for deeper character development and more insight into his individual backstory.

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves science fiction, gunships and assassins or is up for a simple but gripping read set in the solar system. I’m not sure if there are any plans for continuation of the story, but I would definitely love to read more of Damian, Victoria and the ruthless Syndicate in the future.

I would also like to thank the author, Michael C. Sahd, for a copy of the book!

His blog can be found here and you can check out his links at:





Review by Amanda

Thank you for reading!


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